- D o w n l o a d   V e r s i o n   1 -


The V1.0 is the latest version of The Lost Legacy race available.

Download : TLLv1_setup.exe. (18.8Mb)


First of all TLL need TA v.3.1 and TA:CC. (if you do not have CC you can download the units here)

Make sure Total Annihilation is installed that way :
1: Install Total Annihilation(if you haven't already).
2: Install TA: Core Contingency(if you haven't already).
3: Install the Cavedog 3.1 patch.
4: Remove all Cavedog post 3.1 units (Necro,Fark,etc...)
I recomend you to make a seperate install of TA. Just copy and paste your \TOTALA directory in the new one (\TOTALA TLL for exemple), that's all.

Then Install The Lost Legacy Following this order :
4: Remove the Cavedog rev31.gp3 file and the revision.gpf(if present) that were installed by the 3.1 patch.
5: Launch the TllV1_setup.exe file.
6: Extract all the files into your \TOTALA or \TOTALA TLL directory. (C:\Cavedog\Totala by default).
7: Launch The lost legacy.exe, Enjoy.

There's also several weapons ID remaining so, you can isntall few 3rd party units as long as you got enough weapons ID. Got anymore questions ? Read the FAQ! Or ask on our Forums, guest posting is enabled (you will not have to register).

DOWNLOAD AI for OTA version

Here's the AI, made by RAVEN TA ! read the readme.txt file before installing it.

Just extract in your TOTALA, select an AI profile and launch The Lost Legacy.exe as usual. Enough blabling just download it here ! More info in the readme file.

DOWNLOAD the TLL AI Nuke pack, OTA version

Extract to your TOTALA folder. If you get fed up of being nuked, just remove the file. The pack uses three weapon ID's so make sure to use Conflict Crusher if you have installed any non TLL third party units. Download it here !

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