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M3G started the TLL project with Nik in june 2002, making units and renders he's also working with Syl on the campaign. M3G is also working at Magma.
Mail: m3g[at]planetannihilation[dot]com
AIM: Master3g000
Yahoo: Master3g0000
MSN: Master.3g[at]laposte[dot]net

Really GOOD map maker, Syl also work at TAAN. He's making the TLL campaign. Amazing no maps can resist him, he makes custom tilesets and each maps turn out to be a master piece!
Mail: sylvain.bataille78[at]wanadoo[dot]fr
AIM: Schlart20

Raven TA
Latest but not least, Raven TA is our AI profiler. You may know him if you are used to 3rd party units because he made some in the past. He's bringing the final touch on TLL by making your skirmish game against the TLL side a true nightmare...
Mail: raven_ta[at]tiscali[dot]co[dot]uk

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