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[ Posted 08/03/04 by M3G ]

Version 1.1 ! Well, the 1.1 was to be released in July but as you can notice it still not released yet... I've got no news about Sinclaire from TAAN (who was supposed to do the new buildpictures) for a month. I think i'll do them by myself if i still got no news from him. On the other hand i got a better news, the 1.1 Will include the famous Switech's bugfix 1.6! So that means a better game stability and less crashs ;).

[ Posted 06/11/04 by M3G ]

Renders Section Updated ! The Renders section has been updated with the new models i'm working on... You can comment the new models if you wish by using our forum ! . I'm about 85% done with the 1.1, and i think you can expect it by the end of July .

[ Posted 06/03/04 by M3G ]

Site Update ! Finaly! I'm back to the work and as some of you may know, i'm working on the version 1.1 of the TLL race! Few models have been redone, tweaks and fixes have been bought, a new texturing job, new custom explosion FX, and much more ! So you can expect tons of update to your favorite race for the next version to come within few weeks (i hope). The longuest part will be the update of the buildpics, but this time i got help from Stealth and TheRegisteredOne. I would like to officialy thanks them for helping me out, so thanks guys .
I have also updated the site and the renders page, for you to see some new models and look for the ones that got updated... Go have a look!

[ Posted 03/03/04 by Raven TA]

AI Nuke pack for TLL. The current AI already includes limits for the AI Nukes but they are not a build priority, so don't expect to be nuked for about 50 minutes. Available for both TAM and OTA versions .

[ Posted 02/24/04 by M3G ]

New AI! Raven TA has already made an new AI for TLL ! It's available for both TAM and OTA version . So get ready to have hard time against TLL troops now !

[ Posted 02/20/04 by M3G ]

News! It's been a long time since the last site update. But today i have several good news for you.
- First we finaly have an AI profiler and a new member : RAVEN TA will join the team and will be making AI's and overall testings. He has already started working and i'm pleased with the first AIs he made. I hope you will enjoy too.
- Second news is that the v1.1 is still under construction, and it's a big improvement over the v1.0, some models have changed again (aircraft plants, moho, etc...), i've added new units, included some new explosions (thx to the explosions pack from -Ender of CA), made a change into some unit texture, and more...
Here's a little something for you to look at :

[ Posted 09/23/03 by M3G ]

Staff wanted! Well right now TLL is missing something very important! And neither Syl or me can make it. And since Liquifire is MIA we are stuck. We are hiring an AI profiler, or at least someone who can teach me how to make an AI. So if want the job just mail me or post in the forum.

[ Posted 09/03/03 by M3G ]

TA:M fix! Looks like i have messed up somehow a file in the TAM version.
Hopefully it's very easy to fix, you just need to get this file (0.28Kb), and replace the ][The Lost Legacy.tc file in TA-Mutation/TCs folder with the new one. (Make sure TLL was disabled in TA:M before)

Voilà it's fixed! (thanks to our forum guest who reported it)

[ Posted 08/30/03 by M3G ]

Version 1 Released ! Well after months of work we have finaly reached the version 1 step. This pack contains 162 TLL units + about 40 Arm/Core units.
About 30 units has been redesigned such as TLL commander, moho mex, cold fusion reactor, etc...

Custom units sounds have been added too. Textures have been improved, and balance revised a bit. Menu screens are new too.
Enough blabling get the Version 1 now !
I do have a good news for TA:M users who were left to beta1, you can now play with the Version 1 too. Just head over the TA:M V1 download page.

As usual report any problem, bug, comment on our forum. Thanks for your help.

[ Posted 08/09/03 by M3G ]

Eyecandy ! Today i have updated the Renders section, there is 3 new renders at Page 4 and the upgraded models of Solar, aircraft plant and advanced aircraft plant at Page 1.
The Buidlpics section is also updated, try to find out which models have changed and scroll down to see the latest additions to TLL forces.
And finaly at the bottom of the Screenshots section there's a few screens of new units in game.

[ Posted 08/07/03 by M3G ]

Renders ! 6 new renders of TLL units. Some that are notyet included in the pack, some other are upgrade of existing one.
Check the Page 3 and Page 4 of our renders section.

[ Posted 08/03/03 by M3G ]

Campaign V1.2 ! new version of the TLL campaign. But what's new ? The bug in mission 8 is fixed, and several maps from the campaign are available from skirmsih ! Get the new version here. The version 1.2 works for both french and english users.
Also there's a screenshot of new TLL units incomming for the next unit pack.

[ Posted 07/29/03 by M3G ]

Bug in mission 8 ! looks like there's an error. If you got an error during loading mission 8 you will need this file to fix it (just run the .exe).

[ Posted 07/27/03 by M3G ]

Campaign released ! The english campaign for non french users (including german, spanish, etc...) is now available ! Check our campaign page to download the file.
There's no narrations yet but we will add them in the coming weeks so stay tuned for the next version . Enough talking, get the file and enjoy !

[ Posted 07/26/03 by M3G ]

Campaign ! Today, after a lot of work and tons of coffee the french version of the campaign is released !
For other version (english,german) you will have to wait a little bit. Making correct translations and narrations takes time. But it should come in the following weeks.
For the lucky french user of TA just grab the file from our campaign page and let's crush Arm Core forces !

[ Posted 07/21/03 by M3G ]

Screenshots ! Today, i have posted several screenshots of the campaign which is somthly going toward the release. So if you want to have some preview of mission that awaits you just follow this link.

[ Posted 07/13/03 by M3G ]

Campaign ! Good news today, the campaign is ready, and curently under advanced beta testing, this means the release is now a matter of days. Expect some picture of the day at PA .

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