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First of all i would like to thank someone who teach me a lot about unit making, without him i would never have became what i'm now and TLL would not have been created, he is the TLL creator and his contribution was definitly the most important, so we should all thanks Nikola Genkov.
I would also like to thank the PA crew for their excellent hosting service and news coverage and especialy DarkYouth.
Thanks The Dojo crew for designing the site, the TLL home, and the help of the unfogetable Kajice Conrad who gave us excellent textures sets.
Colonel and Juju from Magma, very spcial thanks here for their support during the beta tests.
ScaldedDog and Silent Thunder for ideas and their support.
Estrella for TAdesigners, always here when you need help.
The PA staff for the usual great hosting service and news coverage !
Lord Tangaroa for his public texture pack.
The TADD team for some of their great units added in the pack.
The Core Prime team for their neat units !
Sinclaire and Sby from TAAN and TA forever !
TAUCC for some of their NS series units !
And you of course for trying out the TLL !

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