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In order to play the TLL campaign, you need the V1.0 or higher.
No campaign available for TA:M users yet.


Well, First make sure you do have the V1.0 (or higher) installed correctly.
Then just unzip the .ccx file into your \TOTALA directory.

Get this file here :

For English/US installation get the file here : TLL campaign_v1.2 (40.6 Mb)

For French users get the file here : TLL campaign_v1.2 (40.5 Mb)

For Germans : Not file yet sorry. But you can play with the english file.


- Launch TA,
- Select single player
- new campaign
- choose ARM or CORE side (TLL menu isn't fully working yet)
- scroll down until you see TLL_campaign
- select it and click start

The TLL campaign takes place in the first part of the fight between ARM and CORE, where the ARM fights the CORE until CORE PRIME final battle vs commanders. 17 mission awaits you, Some are short and some others are very long. Explore several planet such as Lunar, desert, water, mountains and acid worlds. Travel from Humatran to CORE PRIME and find out what happened to your ancestors. Rescue them and your Lost Legacy. Use their new technology to deal with even more determinate ARM and CORE forces.
Good luck commander !

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